The Road to TEDxLahoreWomen

Today, when you woke up in the morning, the first thing you probably did was to check your social feed. Chances are, on that feed, there was at least one TED or TEDx video. And I am willing to bet that you either watched that video right then and there or bookmarked it for viewing at a later stage. Only a matter of time before you share the video from your social accounts. All of us do the same.

Because that’s the world we live in now, the world of TED. There’s something about these videos that you can’t help but watch, learn and share them. Science, Innovation, Arts, Technology, Entertainment, Design, and even abstract ideas such as learning, productivity, motivation, effectiveness, and others like these are all topics dealt with in any of the numerous TED/TEDx talks. There’s no dearth of ideas in the world of TED and everyone is welcome to this treasure.

In order to fully capitalize on the wonders of any TED talk, it’s also necessary to relate to any idea being presented in context to your own society as well. This is one of the main driving reasons behind TEDxLahore and now TEDxLahoreWomen.

With TEDxLahore, what we sought to do was mainly to provide a stage to the amazing people of our great city who are working tirelessly in the fields of technology, entertainment and design. To let them share their stories, and to inspire others to start new things as well. But another thing that we were able to do was to also provide a contextual understanding of many other TED/TEDx talks available online. Take for example, Haseeb Abbasi’s remarkable talk from our recent TEDxLahore event in which he talked about the incredible journey of a child with intellectual disability and how he was able to overcome all the barriers in his struggles. Now this talk can help you relate to any of the various international TED/TEDx talks on disabilities and the road to overcoming hurdles due to them.

Coming from a successful TEDxLahore event, we realized that we needed to focus on this aspect more than we were doing previously. And TED Women just happened to be right around the corner, providing us with exactly the type of stage we were looking for.

So, for TEDxWomenLahore, ofcourse our priority is to bring some very talented women to the centre stage to talk about their struggles and success stories, but also to provide a context for understanding the many other TED/TEDx talks from around the world.

Excited about TEDxLahoreWomen? Want to be a part of the first TEDxWomen event of Pakistan?

Then stay tuned to TEDxLahoreWomen for more information about the registration procedure.